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Sunday, March 17, 2002  

One Down, Four to Go

We've finished the first of five weeks of filming in Budapest. The weather has been beautiful, except for a bit of rain on Saturday, and we have had a very productive week. Jamie wanted to shoot most of the action sequences early, so we spent a lot of time out in the forests northwest of Budapest. We pulled of a stunt sequence that should be quite impressive involving Dorff and O'Hara's characters fighting in a moving car, and we enlisted the aid of a Hungarian Swat team for a shoot out in the woods. Here are a few pics from the first week...

Director Jamie Bruce entertains writer Freddy Deane at Fat Mo's Speakeasy on the eve of filming.

Stephen takes a moment alone before filming his first scene. It is a scene where he meets his Gypsy Grandfather for the first time.

Philip Madoc and Athina Papadimitriu as Granpa Mika and Aunt Bardi

Gypsy children who were extras in the first day scenes.

Stephen and Ian film a stedicam shot in the forest.

Stephen and Ian discuss a scene with the director.

David O'Hara and Stephen filming a process trailer shot.

David and Jamie between takes in the forest. Robert Willox (Yakov) in bg.

Jean-Francois Robin gives the thumbs up from his camera crane.

Our authentic Hungarian Swat Team

Producer's Assistant Veronika, Nabil Massad (Hosni) and Eurofilm's Gabor Varadi at base camp.

posted by Brian | 3/17/2002 09:51:00 AM
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