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Monday, March 25, 2002  

The second week in Budapest was highlighted by the arrival of Bob Hoskins. Everyone here is absolutely thrilled to be working with such a brilliant actor and film icon. The days and nights have been long and hard, but the dailies are looking great and the excitement is building. The upcoming week will be filled with tough location shooting and one major scene with a lot of practical effects. Look for more photos in a few days.
Until then, here are a few pics from the second week of shooting in Budapest...

Bob Hoskins and Jamie Bruce discuss Bob's character at Fat Mo's shortly after Bob's arrival in Budapest.

Bob took this shot of me at Fat Mo's which, lacking a proper flash, somehow captured the spirit of the evening.

Executive producers Dave Ornston and Richie Salvatore at Mo's.

Visual Consultant David Snyder with Andrew McCulloch help welcome Bob to Mo's.

Stephen films a scene beneath a Hothead mounted camera that descends from the ceiling on a jib arm.

Jean-Francois operates the Hothead camera from a remote control.

The elaborate lighting required to create the simple effect of sunlight on the soundstage apartment set.

David O'Hara and Zita Gorog before filming at a nightclub location.

David demonstrates his evil "Ferko Face" for Zita and a friend.

Ian Hart with Freddy Deane after getting shot by Dorff.

Bob on set with David Snyder, Freddy Deane, and director Jamie Bruce.

Bob films a close up at our nightclub location with Zita at his side.

Andrew McCulloch and Jozsef Gyabronka prepare to film a scene.

posted by Brian | 3/25/2002 11:48:00 AM
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