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Monday, April 01, 2002  

Work Hard Play Hard

Our third week of principle photography was a long and difficult one. We shot for most of the week at a magnificent old mansion on the Buda side of the Danube that served as Darius' Villa. We had to kill two people, make Stephen and Laura fall in love, and cut a deal with an international terrorist. There were some long days, but we got some fantastic scenes in the can. Sunday and Monday were holidays here in Hungary, so we got our only 2-day weekend to rest (except for Jean Francois, Jamie, Freddy and Juan who took a camera out on Easter Sunday to get some beautiful shots of the city). Tomorrow (tuesday) is Bob's last day of filming, but the rest of us will continue on for two more weeks. We also enjoyed a magnificent dinner party hosted by Executive Producer Avi Lerner at a traditional Hungarian restaurant, as well as a ballet, a few nights at Fat Mo's, and a stunning meal tonight at a Russian Caviar restaurant in Buda. Here are some more pics...

1st AD Tania and Jamie block a shot with Bob at the Villa. Bob sez "You're gonna shoot me how many times?

Bob's character Darius has had a bad day.

David Snyder and Bob take a break between takes of Darius getting shot.

Andy McCulloch and Freddy Deane just after Andy shot his last scene.

Laura gets a touch up from Make-Up and Wardrobe before filming with Bob.

Laura and Bob rehearse a scene at the Villa.

Bob and Stephen before filming a scene in Darius' office.

Stephen is comforted by key grip Attila Szucs between takes.

David O'Hara and Brian at Avi Lerner's dinner party.

"The Kids" Laura and Stephen at the dinner party.

Bob, Stephen, and Avi.

Bob and Brian at Fat Mo's.

O'Hara and Laura outside the Budapest Opera House after the ballet. Bob declared, "This is Bollocks!"

Juan Mas and Tania at the Russian Caviar dinner.

Laura and Sammy Pasha enjoy some of Brian's cigars after their caviar.

posted by Brian | 4/01/2002 06:30:00 PM
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