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Sunday, April 14, 2002  

That's a Wrap !

Principal photography was concluded on Den Of Lions in the wee hours of the morning today. These last two weeks have been hectic and very challenging for our entire crew. A "mishap" at the lab required us to squeeze in a reshoot of much of one scene during an already very tight schedule. Juan Mas pulled a few scheduling miracles out of his butt, Richie executed a still mysterious "Midnight Run" for raw stock, our amazing cast showed us the meaning of professionalism, the entire crew pulled together and we got all of our movie shot with spectacular results. Budapest threw some chilling temperatures and a bit of rain at us, and a shotmaker rig spontaneously ended its years of service in the middle of a shot, but in true Hungarian fashion we kept at it till the job was done. We bid farewell to Bob Hoskins, Nabil Massad, Ian Hart, Laura Fraser, David O'Hara, and Tania Emery who were all spectacular in their roles and a joy to work with. They're all off to other commitments and will be missed at the wrap party tonight. The battery on the digital camera is charging and I'll post pics from the party after I return to LA. I also hope to have the complete crew list posted soon as well. In the meantime, as a beautiful dawn breaks over the Danube, here are a few more snapshots from the last two weeks...

Two great men of film. Bob with Jean Francois after his picture wrap.

David O'Hara and Bob celebrate after Bob's last day of shooting.

The magnificent public baths location just north of Hero Square.

Once we got over the trauma of seeing our camera crew and several producers in their bathing suits...

...we executed a custom underwater shot without benefit of an underwater camera. (Thanks David Snyder!)

Jean Francois gets a long-lens close up of Stephen and Laura at the baths.

Our star demonstrates one of the reasons he is our star at the baths location. (your welcome, girls)

Laura reviews a take on video at the baths.

Costume Designer Eva Vass and her brother, 2nd AD Tamas Vass on location near the Opera House.

Father and son Drivers Zoltan Bai and Zoltan Bai, Jr.

David and Stephen do a "Bob Fosse" pose while goofing around in Stephen's trailer.

Freddy sez: "I look like a submarine, don't I?"

Ian and Jean Francois enjoy champagne after Ian's picture wrap.

David suffers for his art with Zita Gorog and Billie Kaman in the smokey "Ferko's Whorehouse" location.

Stephen prepares to read off camera as Jean Francois sets up a shot.

Jamie presents a birthday cake to Atilla on location.

A 7am Mickey D's run after a night shoot and a bit of Clubbing with Brian, Stephen, and Laura.

Mark Urban, Tania Emery, and Akos Horvath filming on location.

Tania Emery (aka, T2) and David O'Hara spark up a couple of Fidel's finest in anticipation of their picture wrap.

An apparently very happy Mike Russell gets some production wrap affection from Veronika Megyeri and Tania Jakovleva.

"King Pisti" helps Director Jamie Bruce remain standing during our production wrap champagne celebration...

...then hands "The Bruce" over to Tania (T1) Jakovlevalevalevaleva.

posted by Brian | 4/14/2002 11:38:00 PM
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